Sadu House weaves for peace in Palestine

By Ghadeer Ghloum

KUWAIT: In joint efforts with Kuwait Red Crescent Society, Al-Sadu Society organized an event that expressed their support and solidarity with Palestine. The event took place at Al-Sadu House and Al-Sadu Street on Monday from 10 am to 10 pm. “This day’s event is a charity drive. Driven by love and by dedication to human cause and rejection of the atrocity that is happening in Palestine. We are now weaving, knitting, crocheting and sewing all of these items as an act of love. It is not life changing, but humane and heartwarming, and we hope that they feel all of the support and love that we are sending their way.

We are donating all the items that are being produced during 12 hours work directly to Palestine. Some of the items are hand woven, and some have been donated,” Chairperson of Al-Sadu House Sheikha Bibi Al-Sabah told Kuwait Times. Through the act of crafting, volunteers connected their humanity and love with victims in Palestine. Each item they produced is a tangible representation of their empathy with the Palestinians, which makes the items more than just objects — they are symbols of the volunteers’ compassion and love.

“Humanity, love and volunteerism are what drove us to participate in and organize this event. Even if you are giving something simple, it leaves an impact. During the period of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, we felt what the Palestinians feel today. It is difficult for someone to take your land, and they have been suffering from this for more than 70 years,” member of Al-Sadu Society Ablah Ahmed Hussain told Kuwait Times.

“Today, there are participating groups in Al-Sadu House associated with programs organized under Al-Sadu House’s umbrella. Also, there are volunteers who participated by themselves. What distinguishes these handmade works from others is that they go towards humanitarian goals. Some of the things we will send are fabrics, blankets, pillows, towels and toys. In fact, most of the products are for children, as they are our main focus,” Hussain said.

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