Several govt entities, farms benefit from triple treated water: Al-Juwaid

The head of the Distribution and Control Centers Department of the Treated Water Department at the Ministry of Works, Eng. Ahmed Al-Juwaid, said the ministry aspires, after the completion of the implementation and operation of the Umm Al-Hayman treatment plant, to provide to more than one million cubic meters per day of treated water.

Al-Juwaid told a local Arabic daily the Treated Water Control Center was established in the eighties, and is located in the Sulaibiya agricultural area on an area of 539,486 square meters.

He pointed out that the treated water is distributed to all consuming and beneficiary parties through a huge network of pipes and advanced pumping and distribution stations of international quality that cover most of the populated places inside Kuwait, and several different parties benefit from this water, adding that the Public Works Agency spares no effort in developing and improving the facilities affiliated to the Control Center, until Kuwait became a leader in the use of treated water among the countries of the region.

He added: The treated water is exploited in the control center, either by storing it in 4 tanks located in the center, or distributing it to the beneficiaries according to need, through the main valve rooms, pipelines and distributed lines, indicating that the treated water level is monitored and controlled within the four tanks, and flow rate to the beneficiaries through the main control room and remote monitoring system.

He indicated that the beneficiaries of the treated water are represented in the Abdali agricultural area, where it is fed by two pumping stations within the site of the control center with a diameter of 1200 mm; the second was inaugurated in 2010 and contains two pumps with a unit capacity of 3960 cubic meters/hour, and water is pumped through a GRP pipe with a diameter of 1200 mm.

Al-Juwaid pointed out that the Sulaibiya control center receives daily 700,000 cubic meters of quaternary and tertiary treated water from several sources and the daily triple treated water from the Raqqa purification plant, which pumps 180,000 cubic meters of triple treated water daily.

Al-Juwaid mentioned that the second area benefiting from the treated water is the agricultural Wafra area, and it is fed by 4 pumps, each with a capacity of 3,960 cubic meters/hour, and the water is pumped through a GRP pipe with a diameter of 1600 mm to a transfer station in the Kabd area, then it is pumped to the agricultural Wafra area; the Sulaibiya farms come as a beneficiary area, as the Z1 farm is fed by a gravity tube, with a diameter of 1200 mm, the water flows from the center tanks thanks to gravity, while the Z3 farm is fed by 4 tubes with a diameter of 700 mm thanks to gravity, as is the case for the S.S farm, which is fed by a tube with a diameter of 400 mm.

He revealed that modifications were recently made to the treated water distribution network within the Water Control Center, as it is now possible to separate the triple treated water (sourced from the Kabd and Al-Raqqa purification plants) from the quaternary treated water (sourced from the Sulaibiya purification plant), and the possibility of providing each consumer with the quality of treated water.

He added that this also includes state governmental facilities, bodies and institutions, and commercial, entertainment and real estate private sector projects, as well as the Bayan Palace and the Ministry of Works building in South Surra, the army camps in Sabhan, the Sahara Golf Resort, the Hunting and Equestrian Club, and the International Fairground in Mishref. And some horse stables in Sabhan, the Arabian Horse Club, and commercial complexes in addition to green areas and public parks, and highways in various governorates.

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