Social Affairs screening activities of charity organizations

The Ministry of Social Affairs, Charities Development Sector, is currently looking into the activities of 93 well-known charities to ensure they adhere to the goals for which they were formed and to determine their banks accounts are in order.

According to the sources the “screening” process has so far resulted in the issuance of decisions to withdraw the licenses of 5 charity organizations at the request of their owners due to their lack of time to manage the affairs of their respective societies because of their preoccupation with other matters that prevent them from carrying out their duties.

The sources also revealed there are 35 societies that are close to requesting the cancellation of their licenses for several reasons, including closing their bank accounts a long time ago, and failure to carry out any activities for years, in addition to failure to provide the ministry with the estimated budget or financial reports for the past few years.

The funds of these societies shall, after their liquidation, be transferred to the Ministry of Social Affairs, in order to determine the entity to which these funds will go.”

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