Spotlight on Al-Sawaber Complex 4 years after its demolition

The case of “Al-Sawaber Complex” is in the spotlight again, about 4 years after the complex was demolished and the residents were evicted, some of whom were given apartments in Northwest Sulaibikhat project, and some of them obtained an appraisal value estimated at the time at 233,000 dinars.

The number of these 250 Kuwaiti families, and they complained about the inability to buy suitable housing with this amount on the basis of which they valued their old homes, demanding the reopening of the file and their inclusion in the law “whose house was owned by the state,” reports a local Arabic daily.

Some residents of “Al-Sawaber Complex” demanded, through the daily, to re-evaluate the financial value they obtained at the time, noting that the amount of 233,000 dinars, on the basis of which they valued their housing in the area, is not enough to buy appropriate family housing, calling on His Highness the Prime Minister to instruct the Minister of Finance to look into their issue and investigate the valuation mechanism that was carried out on what they called “illogical measurements”.

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