Students visit Kuwait Times and Kuwait News

By Ghadeer Ghloum

KUWAIT: Kuwait Times and Kuwait News welcomed a group of students alongside their parents on Sunday to learn more about journalism. Public Relations and CSR Manager Jana Alnaqeeb, content creator Dhoha Al-Issa and reporter Ghadeer Ghloum took the visitors on a tour of the Kuwait Times building, where both parents and students had a chance to discover the process of publishing a newspaper.

Al-Issa took the visitors to the Kuwait Times archives to take a look at the earliest editions of Kuwait Times and travel back through Kuwait’s history of news. Everyone was then taken to the printing press to get a closer look at the machines that print the newspaper. Kuwait Times’ press team gave a thorough explanation on how the printing process functions and the difference between the new and old printers.

Alnaqeeb then introduced the visitors to the artistic warehouse, where creativity and innovation comes to life. She explained the coworking space is where most of the initial planning, organizing and outlining takes place. The visitors were finally taken to the studio, where Al-Issa prepared a fun project for parents and children, where they were asked questions on how well they think they know one another.

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