Takamul 1 the first ‘Peninsula Shield’ exercise begins today

The “Takamul 1” exercise is underway, led by the Kuwait army featuring formations from both the ground force and the Peninsula Shield forces.

Colonel Hamad Al-Saqr, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, confirmed the safe arrival of all participating forces. The exercise, taking place in the Al-Udair and Al-Abraq region in the northwest of the country, will continue with field training until December 7, 2023, reports Al-Rai daily.

The significance of “Takamul 1” lies in its status as the first field exercise conducted for the Peninsula Shield Force since the establishment of the unified military command, symbolizing the dedication and integration among the Gulf Cooperation Council member states.

The exercise comprises three main stages — the successful arrival of forces, the execution of field exercises by participating forces in the designated area, and the final stage involving the implementation of the conclusive exercise and the subsequent departure of participating forces.

The United Arab Emirates forces participating in the exercise arrived via the Nuwaiseeb port. Concurrently, a joint military delegation from the Ministries of Defense and Interior, along with the Directorate-General of Fire Department (DGFD), visited the Republic of Turkey as part of military cooperation in the defense industry.

Meanwhile, led by Major General Dr. Khaled Al-Kandari, the Assistant Chief of Staff of the Administration and the Public Authority for Manpower, the delegation toured specialized military clothing factories to assess readiness, capabilities, and manufacturing quality.

During the visit, discussions were held with Major General Sobutay Adash, the Chief of Operations at the Turkish Chief of Staff, and other Turkish army leaders.

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