Turkish embassy marks Democracy and Unity Day

Turkish Embassy held an event on 13 July at its premises to mark the seventh anniversary of the  15 July Democracy and National Unity Day.

Speaking on the occasion Ambassador of Turkey H.E. Tuba Nur Sönmez said that a clandestine coup attempt by FETO (Fetullahist Terrorist Organisation) was ultimately thwarted by loyal security forces and millions of citizens and the President himself, who hit the streets with firm resistance to the military infiltrators.

She said that the infiltrators tried to assassinate the President of Türkiye, attacked the Prime Minister’s vehicle, air-bombarded the Parliament, and massacred protesting citizens on streets. They did these heinous actions to the nation while wearing the sacred uniforms of Turkish Army, using military vehicles, aircraft, helicopters and all other lethal equipment, which belonged to the nation herself.

Ambassador Tuba said the traitors attempted to usurp the country’s rule and law, but they could not estimate people’s strong perseverance and heroism. People from different political opinions came together, put aside their differences, and protected their democratic republic, of which they are proud citizens.

She said the July 15 coup attempt was the edge of the cliff for the future of our country. As the saying goes, every dark night has a bright dawn. With our epic resistance against the putschists, we have shown to all friends and enemies that Türkiye can never be captured or brought to its knees. Thanks to the measures taken in the wake of the coup attempt, Türkiye could consolidate its political stability, minimize its dependency in terms of foreign policy, and strengthen its regional standing.

The thwarting of the coup attempt marked a turning point in the history of democracy. It will be a source of hope and inspiration for the peoples of the world, all the nations, to stick tight to the will of nations against such enemies of democracy. For this reason, July 15 is commemorated as the ‘Day of Democracy and National Unity’, a day to keep collective memory alive.

With these feelings, we remember with gratitude our martyrs and veterans, who defended democracy with their lives. They are the heroes of the ‘Century of Türkiye’.

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