US Army celebrates Women’s History Month at Camp Arifjan

By Majd Othman

KUWAIT: In the presence of US Charge de Affaires James Holtsnider and Kuwaiti officials from the ministries of interior and defense, the US Army at Camp Arifjan celebrated Women’s History Month on Monday under the title “Our strength is in our history”, attended by US Army soldiers and media representatives.

Guest Speaker BG Maria A Juarez said this event celebrates the many ways that women can use their powerful voices to propagate the truth and reflect the changing society. She talked about her own experience until she succeeded to join the army, despite the struggles she faced due to language difficulties and bullying. “People often ask me about the secret to my success. There’s no secret, just discipline, dedication, determination, and hard work. As Michelle Obama said, there’s no magic to achievements. It’s really about hard work, choices, and persistency,” she said.

“Women’s stories and the larger human story expand our understanding and strengthen our connections. This month we celebrate the stories and recognize the contributions of women past and present, but especially the everyday women warrior who works selflessly to get the job done,” Juarez concluded.

“During Women’s History Month, we celebrate the countless women who have fought tirelessly and courageously for equality, justice and opportunity in our nation and around the world. Because women’s history is our history. The full participation of women in our society is a foundational tenet of democracy,” Commander of the Area Support Group-Kuwait Col Martin A Wohlemuth said. He added women serving on the frontlines are fighting for and securing equal rights and opportunities throughout the US’ history, leading as advocates and opening the doors for subsequent generations of leaders.

Holtsnider said in a press statement that the US considers women’s rights and history as a national security issue, making sure that women’s contributions are recognized as the state’s contribution.

“It is a great opportunity to see how many accomplished women we have, as it is fantastic to hear from one of our great leaders BG Maria A Juarez, not only to talk about her personal story, but also how women’s rights developed in the last 23 years, and we are looking forward to see even more,” he pointed out. The event included playing “Song of the Women’s Army Corps” and “Reflection” by 281D Band and CPT Phelps.

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