US-DTRA holds biosafety security, surveillance workshop

By Majd Othman

KUWAIT: In the presence of a number of officials from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), which is affiliated to the US Department of Defense, a training workshop on biosafety security and surveillance was held on Sunday with the participation of three Kuwaiti government authorities — Ministry of Health, Environment Public Authority and Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources.

Maxwell Scurlock

The workshop will continue until June 22. International Project Manager at the Biological Threat Reduction Program at DTRA Maxwell Scurlock said in a press statement that this workshop is a proactive step for any threat the world can face, “because we do not know where the next threat will come from, whether it is from nature or manmade. So it’s important to hold these workshops,” he said. “By having a network of allies around the world, not only in Kuwait but also in GCC countries and elsewhere, we can work together to confront any threat of this kind,” he added.

Scurlock said it is very important for participants in this workshop to get to know each other to measure things in the same way and bring points of view and concepts closer. “The third part of the workshop, which will be held next year, will be a forum of Gulf Cooperation Council countries. This means all Gulf countries can come together and start sharing information, and this will make us very strong together.” Economic Attaché at the US Embassy Karen Macri said this workshop includes sectors concerned with human health, animal health and the environment in Kuwait, where they are working to increase coordination between ministries to prevent the spread of diseases and epidemics.

She added the US is working with Kuwait to enhance cooperation and increase coordination within this system across various sectors. She pointed out the workshop aims to discuss concepts of combating viral diseases, in addition to maintaining good health, which contributes to achieving a healthy economic position in the world. Economic relations with Kuwait Macri said economic cooperation between Kuwait and the United States is in its best shape and distinguished, noting Kuwait is an important strategic partner for the US.

She said many American companies are operating in Kuwait and contributing to the development process, praising at the same time the Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority’s approval to establish Google Cloud Services Company to operate directly in the Kuwaiti market without the need for a local agent. Macri explained this confirms the government’s encouragement of foreign investments, support to the private sector and promotion of direct investment.

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