Vehicle fire on Maghrib disrupts traffic

A fire broke out in a car on the Maghrib highway opposite the Bayan area on Wednesday afternoon, resulting in traffic disruption. According to Al-Anbaa, the firefighters successfully extinguished the fire that had engulfed the vehicle, while traffic personnel promptly removed the car from the road and restored the flow of traffic.

In another incident, Al-Bairaq and Al-Qurain firefighters successfully contained a fire that originated in the basement of a residence located in the Al-Fneitees area. The report revealed that a fire broke out in a building, trapping several residents as firefighters came to the rescue. It was noted that the fire had started during the night, originating from a vehicle located at a distance from the building’s basement. An investigation into the incident has been initiated.

Meanwhile, firefighters at the Hawally and Salmiya departments responded to a cafe fire on the sixth floor of a commercial complex. No major injuries have been reported from the incident.

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