Weekend to witness high Humidity: Meteorologist

By Majd Othman

KUWAIT: Meteorologist Essa Ramadan forecast the weekend will witness high humidity that could reach 70 to 80 percent, while northerly-southerly winds will continue. Ramadan warned humidity coupled with high temperature may cause fatigue and physical stress in people. He said despite the temperature probably not exceeding 50 degrees Celsius, people will feel the temperature is higher than it actually is.

Consultant and Expert in Meteorology Essa Ramdan

Regarding his forecast for dust storms this year, Ramadan said this year will not witness heavy dust like what occurred last year, because the previous winter witnessed heavy rains that helped the plants to grow strong roots, which helps improve soil cohesion.

“This means the soil is more stable and will not easily blow with the wind,” he explained. Finally, Ramadan spoke about the so-called “season creep”, which means the next season could be late or early by two to three weeks. The current summer is expected to extend until the end of September, when the heat usually starts reducing.

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