WHO commends Kuwait’s children hospital

KUWAIT: A World Health Organization official has commended medical services provided by the National Bank of Kuwait Specialized Hospital for Children and the qualified cadres who work with it. Dr Hanan H Balkhy, WHO’s first Assistant Director of Antimicrobial Resistance, made the statement on Sunday after visiting the hospital.
Sondos Al-Sherida
Dr Hanan H Balkhy
She lauded performance of the national medical cadres namely treatment, psychological and social care for children, as well as the cooperation with the Kuwait government that succeeded in working out a national plan for resisting antibiotics.
On campaigns to boost awareness of the antibiotics’ harmful effects, she indicated that national plans in this respect are based on social awareness, expanding knowledge and data, tacking and research plus using antibiotics soundly.
Meanwhile Sondos Al-Sherida, the head of the blood, children cancer and cells transplants at the hospital, said Dr Balkhy’s visit aimed at examining the services at the hospital, indicating at a plan to build the therapeutic aphaeresis ward for children soon. – KUNA

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