‘Winter Wonderland Kuwait’ opens Sunday

By Faten Omar
KUWAIT: The CEO of the Tourism Enterprises Company (TEC), Fadel Al-Dosari, announced the opening of the “Winter Wonderland Kuwait” next Sunday in its new remarkable addition, revealing that tickets will be available through TEC’s application. During his remarks at a press conference that was held on Thursday, Dosari emphasized the outstanding success achieved during the project’s debut season. He revealed that the attraction had become nothing short of a sensation, drawing in an astonishing 600,000 visitors within a mere four-month span.
“This extraordinary accomplishment quickly earned Winter Wonderland Kuwait a reputation as a must-visit destination, demonstrating the immense appeal of this winter wonderland to the people of Kuwait and beyond. The announcement left no doubt that the project had set a new standard for seasonal attractions, setting the stage for an exciting future in Kuwait’s tourism industry,” he added.
He affirmed Winter Wonderland’s return in a new season and with a new look to present the project after all its facilities have been developed by the hands of national cadres, knowing that the project will continue for the next three years and with an operational capacity exceeding 3 million visitors annually. Dosari pointed out that the capacity has increased to 15,000 visitors per day, in addition to increasing the operational area from 75,000 square meters to 130,000 square meters, which is an increase of 70 percent.

He said that there will be cooperation with the Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Center through special gates linking the two facilities, which will allow entertainment and cultural diversity for visitors, in addition to the use of smart entry gates and a fast track for games and activities, which will be increased to 80 activities. “Throughout the season, there will be daily entertainment and shows, involving over 200 commercial opportunities. The facility will be overseen by national professionals, with more than 200 of them being trained and empowered to contribute to the project,” he noted.
He stressed that the Tourism Enterprises Company, in its new era, aspires to provide the highest levels of entertainment and emulate the tremendous development in the field of entertainment globally because of this sector’s great social and economic importance, adding that “small projects will have the opportunity to use Winter Winderland’s facilities and financial resources, in addition to TEC’s goal of engaging and developing national cadres to work in this vital sector.”
The CEO of TEC, Dosari, thanked Telecommunications Company (STC) and Kuwait Finance House (KFH) for their sponsorship of the Winter Wonderland Kuwait project, which will ensure visitors enjoy a memorable and enchanting season.

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