Women associations union urges support for family businesses

KUWAIT: Supporting small family businesses leads to empowering them economically and supporting national product, said Head of Kuwait Union of Kuwait Women Associations Sheikha Fadiya Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah. Helping small family businesses is especially important because they reflect the role of the productive Kuwaiti woman in economic development, Sheikha Fadiya added.

The remarks came at the opening of the ‘productive families’ exhibition — which was organized Monday by an organization whose mission statement is to empower women — to help families overcome barriers when launching their own small business. Small family projects, Sheikha Fadiya said, are the first defense line for instilling self-sufficiency and protecting many families from becoming in need.

She urged Kuwaiti society to encourage such projects, especially after proving popular among people in the local markets due to their high quality which meets consumers’ needs. Among the obstacles low-income families face when starting a small business to become self-dependent is the lack of financing mechanisms, insufficient marketing plans and the lack of experience in managing small businesses, said Sheikha Fadiya.

She added that it is important to care for this sector and transform projects of ‘productive’ families to successful commercial projects and to promote the culture of independent work among society members and encourage families to produce and work. She called for highlighting the woman’s role and empowering her economically, as well as making an effort to add revenue streams for low-income families.

It’s also necessary, she said, to launch initiatives aimed at developing the standard of living for families and supporting their stability. Head of the women empowerment organization Ibtisam Al-Quoud said it is necessary to support low-income family projects and introduce the public to the achievements made by these families. – KUNA

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