Workshop brings to life Kuwait heritage in small shapes

KUWAIT: With meager materials, participants in a workshop themed “the making of heritage statues made figures and structures depicting the traditional Kuwaiti house and Al-Jahraa gate in the old times, among other creative works. The coach, Ahmad Al-Sharqawi, led the workshop along with a number of gifted Kuwaiti professional and amateur handcrafters, joining hands in the festival, “Saifi, Cultural 15.”

Al-Sharqawi, in remarks to KUNA on the margins of the workshop, held at the “Nisf Al-Asfour” library in Al-Qadsiya, said participants in the workshops make statues and figurines about manifestations, belongings, and tools used by the Kuwaitis in the old times.

The materials in use are sand, glue, forks, and dyes. The participants study pictures of the old houses’ windows and doors before embarking on the creative works. The activity includes nighttime cultural gatherings and seminars about Kuwaiti heritage and culture. – KUNA

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