Zain celebrates Kuwait’s top students at annual event

KUWAIT: Zain recognized Kuwait’s top high school students at its headquarters in Shuwaikh during the company’s annual event that welcomed them and their families to celebrate their exceptional achievements. The ceremony was attended by Zain Kuwait CEO Eaman Al-Roudhan and the Ministry of Education’s Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Development and Activities, Dr Ghanim Al- Suleimani. At the end of every academic year, and as soon as the official results are unveiled by the Ministry of Education, Zain holds a special ceremony to recognize Kuwait’s top-performers who excel in their high school journey.

This year, Zain honored top graduates in four categories: top graduates nationwide (sciences and humanities), top Kuwaiti graduates (sciences and humanities), top graduates of Religious Education, as well as top graduates of Special Education (sciences and humanities). Addressing the students and their families, Roudhan said: “I’m happy to welcome you all to Zain’s Wonderful World. Seeing you today with big smiles upon your faces and your parents’ faces is a source of joy for us all at Zain and the entire nation.”

KUWAIT: Zain Kuwait CEO Eaman Al-Roudhan addresses the students.

Roudhan congratulated the graduates by saying: “I applaud you for your exceptional achievements, and I’m sure that all of Kuwait is proud of you. Today we gather to celebrate and honor you for excelling in your studies, and we extend our congratulations to your esteemed families too.” “We not only extend congratulations to you and your parents, but to all of Kuwait for bringing forth such an exceptional group of brilliant young people. The number of top graduates this academic year, from studies of both sciences and humanities, is enough proof of the advancement of self-learning tools and modern scientific research, helped by the rapid growth of advanced technologies.”

Roudhan added. “Sources of information, references, notes, journals, and more are now easily and abundantly accessible online more than ever. I believe that this requires the redesign of the educational process, and the way students are evaluated across academic levels, so that they are built on the ability to self-learn and conduct scientific research in place of traditional methods. This is especially true with the rapid spread of emerging technologies like AI.” Roudhan pointed out. Roudhan went on to say: “We as parents, MOE and government officials, private sector representatives, and the entire Kuwaiti community trust in your capabilities and skills in leading the future of our nation, Arab World, and the Islamic World.”

Eaman Al-Roudhan and Dr Ghanim Al-Suleimani are seen with one of the students.

“We hope that our recognition today will drive your passion to achieve the best for this nation, because nations are built upon the dedication of their youth. And it is the duty of each and every one of us to give back the best we can to this nation that gave us so much,” Roudhan added. The CEO noted: “These words are for all our dear students, even those who will leave to their motherlands to start college. You all are the children of this nation, and Kuwait will continue to embrace its youth, and the youth of the entire Arab World,” Roudhan affirmed the importance of the next phase: “Now, the most important stage of your academic life lies ahead.

You’ll notice how colleges and universities will compete for your attention, and whether you choose to go with a local or international school, always remember to pick the studies that centers around your passion in life.” She further advised the students: “I advise you to try and stay away from traditional majors whose graduates cannot be accommodated by the market. It is also crucial to choose the courses and electives that strengthen your life skills, such as history, time management, and change management.

Eaman Al-Roudhan and Dr Ghanim Al-Suleimani are seen with one of the students.

The world today is going through massive strategic changes that will affect the way people learn.” Roudhan concluded by saying: “Last but not least, I’d like to share a word of gratitude and congratulations to all parents with us here. Your children (who are Kuwait’s children) would not have reached this level of excellence without your care and support. I wish you and yours all the best with even more achievements in their personal and professional lives.”

As a leading national company, Zain firmly believes in the importance of contributing to the progress of the education sector and looks to empower and prepare the youth for the important roles they will play in the future of the country. Zain is fully committed to supporting young people in their development through a wide variety of community activities and programs, including award programs, educational programs, and career development initiatives. The company’s solid social strategy is what drives it to continue being committed to support all sectors.

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