Zain donates fully equipped fourth boat to Kuwait Diving Team

In a show of support for impactful volunteer initiatives and as a key component of its strategic commitment to environmental sustainability, Zain has reaffirmed its partnership with the Kuwaiti diving team by donating a state-of-the-art boat fully equipped for marine operations and tasks.

The handover ceremony took place at the Salmiya Yacht Club and was attended by Zain Kuwait’s CEO, Iman Al-Roudhan, and the head of the Kuwaiti diving team, Walid Al-Fadil, reports Al-Rai daily.

This marks the fourth boat that Zain has contributed to the Kuwaiti diving team during their enduring 25-year partnership, which began in 1997. These boats have played a pivotal role in supporting the remarkable volunteer endeavors of the team aimed at safeguarding Kuwait’s marine environment. Through these vessels, hundreds of diverse operations have been successfully executed, resulting in the removal of thousands of tons of hazardous waste and the protection of tens of thousands of marine creatures.

The “Zain” boat will be instrumental in numerous marine operations conducted by the team throughout the year. Its tasks include the installation and maintenance of sea cleats around coral reefs, which serve as an eco-friendly means of facilitating safe boat and yacht mooring while preserving marine life.

Additionally, the boat will be utilized to lift fishing nets, debris, and marine debris from coral reefs, thereby contributing to the conservation of fish, marine organisms, and the prevention of pollution in shipping lanes and coastal areas. Furthermore, the boat will be deployed for regular visits to coral reef sites to assess their condition meticulously, providing scientific reports to relevant authorities.

These donated boats also play a crucial role in the Coastal Environment Protection and Rehabilitation Program, which encompasses Kuwait’s entire coastal environment, from north to south. This program focuses on eliminating pollutants and hazards to ensure that Kuwait’s beaches remain clean and pristine while simultaneously raising awareness about the importance of preserving them.

The Kuwaiti diving team harnesses the boat to document the Kuwaiti marine environment through a series of documentaries that depict the richness of marine life, including coral reefs, shedding light on the inherent beauty of the marine environment and various organisms. This documentation, featuring photographs and films, is a valuable resource for those passionate about environmental work.

Zain places immense significance on environmental matters, reflecting its profound impact on people’s lives. The company’s social mission is dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and underlining the pivotal role each individual plays in safeguarding the environment, mitigating climate change effects, and protecting both terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

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