Zain Kuwait successfully tests early warning system with MOI and CITRA

KUWAIT: Continuing its proactive approach in adopting the latest socially impactful technologies, and in line with its journey to empower full digital transformation in Kuwait, Zain on Tuesday announced that it has successfully tested the early warning system (EWS) with the Ministry of Interior and the Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA).

The move aims to strengthen the nation’s security system during major crises. The test was conducted at the Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC) in the company’s headquarters in Shuwaikh, attended by CITRA board member Dr Waleed Al-Hasawi, CTRA Chief of Telecommunications Sector Amer Hayat, Zain Kuwait Chief Government Affairs and Business Development Officer Malek Jaber Al-Sabah, and a number of officials from the Ministry of Interior.

After the test was successfully completed, Zain’s Core Networks team showcased in a presentation the company’s full readiness for the rollout of the early warning system as soon as it is officially introduced by Kuwait’s authorities, allowing them to send out instant warnings via smartphones to alert citizens and residents of any major crises or emergencies. The announcement comes in line with Zain’s unwavering efforts to adopt the latest and most advanced digital applications and solutions to contribute to achieving the nation’s developmental goals, strengthen its security, and help protect and save lives.

Zain team demonstrates the network’s readiness for the system.

The company will not spare any efforts to make its tech capabilities and expertise available to serve the nation’s needs. The early warning system is an essential digital tool that contributes to saving lives during major crises and emergencies and can complement the currently used siren systems. EWS allows authorities to instantly send visual and audible alerts directly to every smartphone within any given geographical area as long as it is connected to a network.

The system can be used to warn users of any imminent or ongoing natural crises like major fires, floods, hurricanes, air and water pollution, or tremors and earthquakes. EWS use cases also include incidents like crimes, industrial accidents, missing persons, epidemics, evacuations, or any other significant public announcements.

Zain steadily continues its journey towards empowering full digital transformation in all of Kuwait’s most vital sectors, leveraging on its leadership and solid infrastructure. The company will always seek to serve the nation’s needs, reflecting the private sector’s role as a strategic partner and a main pillar of the New Kuwait vision.

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