Zain welcomes returning pilgrims at Kuwait International Airport

KUWAIT: In a step to share the spiritual moments of these blessed days, Zain joined in welcoming returning pilgrims at Kuwait International Airport to congratulate them on their safe return from the holy hajj journey. The initiative came in collaboration with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and was attended by DGCA Operations Department Manager Mansour Al-Hashemi.

Zain’s team was present at the Arrivals Hall in Kuwait International Airport to share this special occasion with returning pilgrims and their families as soon as the first flights arrived from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company presented gifts that were specially prepared for the pilgrims to congratulate them on completing their sacred duty, a step that sprung from Zain’s social responsibility to join in celebrating the community’s most joyful occasions.

A member of Zain’s team hands gift bags to pilgrims.

Zain thanked the Civil Aviation team for supporting and facilitating this initiative, which enabled the company’s team to interact with the returning pilgrims and their families with utmost ease. Zain also took this opportunity to express its gratitude to the DGCA and other government entities who exert tremendous efforts to serve travelers during the summer season, which witnesses heavy traffic at the airport, especially this year as it coincided with hajj season.

Zain recently announced a new collaboration with the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs to present its annual complimentary roaming promotion for the hajj season, where the company offered its top roaming plan for free to all postpaid and prepaid customers who were registered in Kuwait’s certified hajj campaigns. With this initiative, the company kept pilgrims in touch with their loved ones at no cost by allowing them to enjoy internet and voice calls at hajj locations in Saudi Arabia.

Zain presents this initiative every year to keep customers who travel to the Sacred House connected to each other and to their loved ones for free during hajj season. The company continuously offers services that are tailored to match its customers’ expectations and needs during their travels and to keep them connected to their loved ones and businesses with more convenience and around the clock, especially during the most cherished occasions and seasons like hajj.

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