Saudi Arabia tells citizens in Sri Lanka to avoid areas of unrest, warns against travel to country

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia on Saturday warned its citizens in Sri Lanka to avoid areas of unrest and urged those wishing to travel to the country to postpone their trips, the Kingdom’s embassy in Colombo announced.
Protesters on Saturday broke into the Sri Lankan prime minister’s private residence and set it on fire hours after he said he would resign when a new government is formed, in the biggest day of angry demonstrations that also saw crowds storming the president’s home and office.
“In view of the current events of protests and demonstrations in Sri Lanka, (the Kingdom) calls on citizens wishing to travel there to postpone, and also calls on citizens residing and present throughout the country to take precautions and to stay away from places of gatherings and demonstrations and to abide by the instructions of the local authorities,” the embassy statement said.
Kuwait also called on its citizens present in Sri Lanka to avoid areas of unrest and protests, follow the instructions from local authorities, and work to leave the country as soon as possible.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on citizens wishing to travel to Sri Lanka to postpone their travel. and said the embassy in
It also said citizens present in Sri Lanka should contact the Kuwaiti embassy in Colombo to register their data, or if they require any information or assistance.
(With AP)

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